Enterprise Data Exploration




Semantify empowers business users to freely explore data using natural language queries within a Google-like interface, harness the power of combining all their data assets – including Big Data – and easily perform ad-hoc analytics, like predictive analytics.

Semantify enables you to have meaningful conversations with your enterprise data, even across multiple databases.

With Semantify, you get more meaningful insights from your data than any other tool.  While other tools are limited to just dashboards and pre-programmed questions, Semantify is the only solution that explores your data universe in iterations and yields instant answers using simple English language questions on your computer. Business users can combine their business expertise with the enterprise data universe and instantly extract meaningful insights from it – without depending on data experts.

It’s like having conversations with your data: You ask English language questions through a Google-like interface and you get answers in real time.

No data can hide from Semantify. If data exists somewhere, Semantify will hunt it down. It will help track down trends, identify patterns and enable you to perform predictive analytics.

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