Your first step toward a paperless office!

Real Vision Imaging Systems give you the ability to scan, store, secure, organize and retrieve your documents into a digital filing system. Your first step towards a “paperless” office and an Enterprise Content Management solution.

RVI Basic
The RVI Basic Imaging System is an entry-level imaging solution for scanning, storage and retrieval of black and white documents, color images and imported PC documents.

The Basic system supports image merging, email/fax capability and audio/video support. Enhanced auditing features and web access are included. Choose from a variety of viewers, including a user-friendly, feature rich internet viewer. Our new feature, Mobile Document Imaging, is available now for iPhone and iPad.

Commonly referred to as a “Digital File Cabinet”, the Basic system can be easily upgraded to the RVI Complete System.

RVI Spool
The RVI Spool File System is an entry level imaging solution for System i spool file capture, storage and retrieval.  Eliminate the need for microfiche and multiple copies of printed reports.

Choose from six user-friendly, feature rich viewers and enhanced report distribution via email, fax or CD.

RVI Complete
The RVI Complete Imaging System is a powerful and robust imaging solution that incorporates all features of the two entry level systems plus advanced imaging functions to satisfy a variety of business needs.

It is your complete solution for scanning, storage and retrieval of black and white documents, color images, spool files, overlays, emails, faxes and audio/video content.

Like the Spool File and Basic systems, RVI Complete is not only user-friendly and scalable from a pilot program to an enterprise-wide content management solution, but is also easily integrated with any System i application.

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