FireScope Stratis is revolutionizing the way enterprises manage their environment by breaking down traditional barriers to scale, depth and breadth of service performance and availability capabilities through leveraging Big Data and cloud-scalability. The solution extensively utilizes automation to eliminate most of the effort that was once required to gain good visibility. This process enables organizations to use their first dashboards on the first day.

From a single dashboard, you gain visibility across user experiences, virtualization, storage, applications and the environmentals on an enterprise-scale platform with a Big Data (NoSQL) backend. This enables users to easily drill down from events to their root-cause and harvest new insights on the performance of their technology – such as the impact on customers and their business.

  • SaaS-based enterprise IT service management – no hardware needed, no added maintenance work.
  • The scale, depth and breadth of a Big-4 suite – without the exorbitant cost and effort.
  • From applications to environmentals to the cloud – manage it all from one dashboard.
  • Painless integration with modern applications, such as ServiceNow.

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