Millennium Computer Group is pleased to offer our AS/SIST services to the AS/400 and POWER systems community in response to a common problem.

The Problem?
The AS/400 and POWER servers are complex systems that require a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program to operate at peak performance and reliability levels. Quite often, many important maintenance activities, such as keeping up to date with PTFs or performing reclaim storage, are overlooked. Many customers simply don’t have the time to properly maintain their AS/400.

The Solution
The AS/400-certified staff at Millennium Computer Group has been working with the AS/400 since before its announcement in 1988. By having Millennium perform routine maintenance activities, we can ensure that your system provides the performance and capacity that you need while you have additional time to devote to more important things.

Services include installation of cumulative and group PTFs:

  • Operating system upgrades
  • Clean up spool files, output queues, network files, history logs, message queues, PTF save files and journal receivers
  • Performance tuning
  • Capacity planning
  • Perform backups
  • Review backup strategy
  • Review system values
  • Reclaim storage